Secure and Confidential Ordering

Secure and Confidential Ordering What you should know before you buy degrees online

We offer you secure and confidential ordering. Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties and you data will be kept encrypted on our servers.We do not disclose information about the universities that confer online degrees and you will find out the name of the universities only when you obtain your degree. In this way we assure the confidentiality of our transactions.

Confidentiality Contract

When you are make an order of online degrees from us , you have to respect this confidentiality contract.

The client of online degree programs and any associated person agree never to reveal by act or omission of action directly or indirectly, information that could draw or could be construed as drawing a connection between University Degrees Solutions and the universities . This includes publication in printed matter, books, magazines, journals, newspapers, television, radio, multimedia, internet, websites, Chat rooms, newsgroups, forums, usenet, telephone, mobile telephone, wireless protocol, fax or email.

Visitors who browse University Degrees Solutions are not obliged to provide any information such as emails or phone numbers unless they wish so. Customers who place orders for online programs need to leave an email address for communication and periodical announcements.

The client agrees to hold University Degrees Solutions not liable for any errors, or other damages caused by the misuse of documents of online college programs or performance provided by the client. The client is responsible for the information submitted to the website. Any violation done by the clients, University Degrees Solutions has the right to terminate the services offered to that client and any third party involved.

University Degrees Solutions shall maintain confidential all information from the client of online college programs and shall not sell, rent, or disclose any information to parties not involved. In return, the client also agrees never to reveal any information, directly or indirectly.

In the event of a Breach of Contact, the Client, and any associated person forfeits the rights to privacy and approves to authorize University Degrees Solutions to disclose any information to appropriate parties .

Once the client breaches the contract, the client is liable to pay USD$ 200,000 as penalty.

For client’s assurance, University Degrees Solutions shall be responsible in maintaining a Surety Bond sold with a minimum value of USD $ 100,000. This is equally shared and payable to University Degrees Solutions and partners institutions in case this contract is breached. The client responsible for the breach shall give authority to University Degrees Solutions to surrender the files and any information available to the Surety Company.

University Degrees Solutions has the right to modify or revise all or some parts of this contract any time. The client agrees to accept any modifications made with the purpose of strengthening this Confidentiality Contract.

We do not set cookies and we do not partner with ad server companies. We keep your personal information secure.

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What you should know before you buy degrees online

It’s true that it is very trying to remain competitive in today’s employment market, especially due to the increasing number of overqualified candidates, but this is no reason to make bad decisions. Indeed, buying your degrees online can be a very good and efficient way to secure a new job or a promotion, but only provided that you take all the necessary precautions. For instance, here are a few things you should know before you start buying degrees online…

Is it legal?

Buying degrees online is 100% legal, regardless of whether they are real or fake, which means that both you and the business selling them to you are in the clear. The only issue is when and if you try to use your purchased degree in order to gain an advantage over your colleagues at work or over other applicants in an employment situation. If you only want to hang your new diploma on the wall, boast about it to your friends and celebrate your lifetime expertise, that raises no legal issues.

However, if you take your bought degree out into an employment situation and someone can tell that your qualifications are phony, then you’re not only risking your reputation, but also your entire career. The important thing to remember is that when you buy degrees online, you have to make sure that you receive a real degree from an existing school, while trying your best to avoid counterfeits or fictitious institutions.

Can you buy a real degree?

At first, it might seem surprising that you can simply buy a real degree on the Internet, but once you consider all the interests involved, you can tell why it makes sense. Real, respectable Universities have to invest a lot of money per traditional degree and student. This is usually covered by the tuition fee paid by the respective student, but what if the initial investment were no longer necessary? Such a situation would be beneficial to both the educational institution, which receives a fee without having to pay anything in exchange, and the buyer, who becomes qualified in the field of their choice. Of course, a University could not advertise such a service openly, as its degrees would soon lose their value. This is where a reliable degree provider steps in, giving the necessary mediation and confidentiality to the entire process, while ensuring that both parties keep their anonymity and benefit from the transaction.

Is it expensive?

As you probably already know, a traditional degree would cost tens of thousands of dollars only in tuition fees, without even accounting for campus living costs, travelling and daily commuting to courses. By comparison, buying degrees online is much more approachable, giving everyone the chance to put their skills to good use and to become qualified. More precisely, prices for a degree online range from $150 for an Associate degree to $170 for a BA, $220 for an MA and up to $400 for an Honorary Doctorate. To this, you can add a few hundred dollars for supporting and legal documents (student records and transcripts, apostilles, legalizations and notarizations) in order to ensure that you can further authenticate the genuine nature of your diploma in the eventuality of a credentials check. How would you like to practice in your industry without having to take out a student loan that will haunt you as debt at least for the first years of employment? Buying degrees online is the solution.


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