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Tips for finding an accredited online University

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With the recent developments of technology, higher education institutions around the world have made the jump to online learning, converting long-distance courses into programs that can be followed over the Internet, from anywhere around the world. Provided that you have an Internet connection, there’s nothing stopping you from signing up, following the courses and graduating from an accredited online University. Nonetheless, the question of accreditation is constantly brought up when it comes to an academic experience that’s organized in a virtual environment.

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Tips for finding an accredited online University

Accreditation is a status that’s awarded either by a regional or international organization specialized in assessing the effectiveness of a certain accredited online University.

Why accreditation is important

Accreditation is a long-term process that usually involves a lot of effort on the part of the institution applying for it. They are assessed both in terms of their macro goals, as well as how detailed the group is when dealing with a variety of issues. From the corpus of professors to teaching materials, resources and even classroom techniques, everything is taken apart and carefully analyzed by the accreditation organization. In some instances, it can even take up to a year before a clearance is given.

When looked at from a social perspective, accredited institutions possess a privileged status that their counterparts do not – namely the fact that their graduates have to uphold a certain level of expertise and proficiency before they are awarded a degree, regardless of the domain. For this reason, an accredited degree on your CV has an impact in front of an interviewer, triggering a mental process that distinguishes you from others that do not possess this type of certificate. If you want your employment possibilities not to be hindered in any way, then you need to find an accredited online University.

How to spot a non-accredited establishment

Non-accredited establishments employ a variety of tactics to fool customers into believing they have accreditation. Some of these you can spot for yourself, like a fake address. Universities that have an authentic accreditation won’t provide you with an address of a postal box in some public place, like a train station. Another commonly used technique is to fool customers into believing they will be purchasing an authentic degree, when, in fact, they are going to get a forged one. Imitating an official document is easily possible today, given the printing technology and existing levels of craftsmanship. However, a fake degree on your resume can severely prevent your career progress and even make you liable for legal consequences in some states. In addition, you should try and verify the credentials of the institution that’s about to release your degree. With a bit of researching, you can at least determine whether the establishment has been blacklisted or previously investigated for accreditation issues.

Advantages of an accredited online University

Signing up with an accredited online University is a long-term commitment that’s going to prove its worth even tenfold. Besides being able to sustain your degree in front of an interviewer even if they do not agree with this type of learning, your diploma’s accreditation makes it socially acceptable. You’ll benefit from the same status as other higher education graduates do and, almost 100% of the times, have the same career opportunities. Prejudices against accredited online Universities are very rare nowadays, but in case you come by such overly traditional mentalities, you can easily sustain an argument based on the fact that the online program holds the same accreditation as its counterpart. At the end of the day, you’ll never have to worry about your CV being put through a screening or about other people getting promoted instead of you, as an accredited online University makes you a very competitive candidate.


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