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What does accredited life experience degree mean ?

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When talking about accredited life experience degree, people can understand more than one thing. In this article, we will clarify what can be meant when someone advertises the possibility to purchase an accredited life experience degree, as well as the ways in which you can make sure whether you’ve got it right or not. In a nutshell, diploma mills can pretend to sell accredited life experience degrees because they assess whether your previous work engagements qualify you in one way or another for a certificate. On the other hand, it can refer to a professional degree selling business that advises you to have a certain amount of knowledge about a domain before getting a degree.

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What does accredited life experience degree mean ?

More about diploma mills and their degrees

It’s essential to acknowledge that there are a lot of organizations, be them real-life or online, that are looking for new ways in which people can be fooled into believing that they can get a good diploma from them. Advertising accredited life experience degrees is but one of the strategies they use. While it is true that a certain amount of previous engagements in a domain gives you the weight of a high level of expertise, obtaining a degree based on that is quite amazing (and impossible, at that), let alone an accredited one that comes from a higher education institution such as a college or University. In fact, most often than not diploma mills expose themselves by statements that revolve around the same ideas: the fact that you can earn a degree based on your experience or common knowledge test, today and maybe even for free. A simple verification of their credentials, address and institution specifics can tell you everything there is to know, thereby proving that there is no accredited life experience degree in the literal sense of the expression.

A recognized accredited life experience degree

However, professional services that offer recognized degrees to their customers might use the same phrase, but with a slightly different meaning. Instead of trying to lure in more clients with the purpose of cheating them into purchasing a product that’s going to impair their professional outlook rather than improve it, these businesses emphasize a different aspect. By accredited life experience degree you are actually advised to possess previous work involvements in a specific domain before deciding to acquire a certificate that qualifies you in it. It refers to a certain concept workers that have been in an industry for a while might already be familiar with – possessing a skill, but not having a certificate that can prove it officially. In this case, an accredited life experience degree gives you the chance of accessing all of those opportunities that come with a recognized college diploma and that otherwise you wouldn’t have access to.

Benefitting from the best career prospects

Career prospects that are offered by accredited life experience degrees don’t only refer to being able to prove that your qualification rises up to a certain level and, on this basis, have an increased income. In addition, they also encompass employment possibilities, as well as also how likely you are to advance in corporate hierarchy. For instance, a degree from University proves very helpful if you’re applying for a managing position with your firm. If you’ve already have the practical know-how, then it’s only a matter of convincing your superiors that you possess the responsibility and motivation to help the entire team go forward.


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