Supporting Documents Specifications

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When you buy a degree from us, you can get the following supporting documents:

Transcripts that is your academic record which shows the courses taken, the grads received and the degree grad. They are printed on official university letterhead with monogram and security watermark.

Students Records contains personal information, graduation date and citizenship, signed by university in order to prove the authenticity.

Graduation Letter is written by the principal and is inviting you to join the graduation day.

Acceptance Letter is the official acceptance letter indicating that you have been accepted to the university program. It will show the acceptance date and the major you will pursue

Reference Letter by Professor indicates your performance during courses and you can get one or more reference letters if you buy the degree from us.

Appreciation Letter is written by a professor and is indicating your community service, research and assistance to the university.

Transcripts :

Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo and security watermark feature

Date issued

Date awarded degree

Student number

Student address


Course of Study

Course Code

Duration of study

Grade of each course

Credit of each course

Degree awarded

Grade point average

stamp and signed by university registrar

Back of transcripts

list all grading criteria and method

Description of grade and grade point average

Seals in Official university envelope with stamp

Student Record :

Fine A4 paper with official logo letterhead

Student name

Student official address

Date of birth


Level of degree

Major of study

Study period finished

Graduation date

Signed by university registrar

Stamped by university registrar

Sealed in official university envelope

Reference letter by professor:

Study, work and attitude reference by professor

Fine A4 paper with official university logo letterhead

Signed by professor

Sealed in official university envelope

Acceptance letter

Fine A4 paper with official university logo letterhead

Acceptance date

Respond date to the university ( official reply date )

Message indicating your acceptance to the university and your major of study

Signature by University registrar

Appreciation Letter

Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo letterhead

Thank you message for research you have conducted

Thank you message for community service

Thank you message for helping the Faculty, Professor

Graduation Letter:

Fine A4 paper with official University Logo letterhead

Student name

Official address

Graduation date

Graduation Message from University Chancellor

Signature by University Chancellor

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Buy bachelor degree to speed your promotion

Have you been stuck in the same position for a few years now? Are you constantly getting dismissed for that promotion you covet because other, more qualified, but less experienced colleagues snatch it from under your nose? You’re not the only one. Thousands of employees find themselves in the same situation every year. Their solution – buying a degree online. Here’s how it works…

Meeting the qualification requirements

If a few decades ago, it might have been possible to start a successful career without ever attending college and equipped only with expertise and experience in the field, today this is no longer the case for most industries. Indeed, without at least a BA, it can be incredibly trying to find a well-paid, comfortable job. Even if you manage to find a position, you’ll certainly want to advance past it at some point, and this will prove to be impossible without the proper qualifications.

Of course, if you’re already working and perhaps supporting a family, then a attending traditional bachelor degree program will be much too costly, not only in terms of time, but also in terms of financial resources. If, on the other hand, you choose to buy a bachelor degree online from a reliable provider, you will obtain a certificate of exactly the same value without wasting any time and for a cost that is infinitely smaller than regular tuition fees. Statistics show that once you earn your BA, you’re likely to bring in a salary 40% larger than before. What’s more, with the right qualifications, you’ll easily access more comfortable jobs, more employment opportunities and better work conditions.

Investing time efficiently

If you were to attend a traditional bachelor degree program, your job performance would be the first to suffer. On the contrary, if you buy a bachelor degree, you’ll be able to put qualifications out of the way in an efficient manner, while focusing your remaining resources on your work and professional development.

Not only will you demonstrate to your employer that you are willing to improve yourself and your knowledge of the field, but you will also show them that you are able to take on and to carry out more responsibilities. Expertise and initiative being two of the most sought out qualities in an employee, you’ll certainly convince your superiors that you are the right person for the next promotion. Even if your employers do not respond to your improvement as they should, with your new resume you’ll be able to apply elsewhere and obtain a new position effortlessly.

Keeping your resume safe

The first key element to consider when buying a bachelor degree online is the provider you collaborate with. You must make sure to purchase only from reliable degree providers, as a diploma from a notorious diploma mill will only hinder your professional ascension and will determine you to live with the fear of getting caught your entire life.

If you purchase from a reliable degree provider, then you can rest assured that your degree will be a real, recognizable one, coming from a physically-existing and respectable University. In addition, you can buy supporting and legal documents that will further vouch for the authenticity of your certificate in the eventuality of a credentials check. With all these precautions taken, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your resume and reputation as you earn your next promotion.


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