Are online University degrees different from traditional ones ?


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If you’re undecided about going back to college, showing up for that interview because you fear you lack the credentials or you’re thinking about changing your workplace, since that promotion seems more far-off now than ever, then this article might be of interest to you. Here are 10 reasons why an online diploma might come in handy or even turn your career around.

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Are online University degrees different from traditional ones ?

Are online University degrees different from traditional ones ?

Both those who are interested in an alternative manner of acquiring acollege degree, as well as individuals who are pressed by circumstances to buy a one ask themselves whether online University degrees differ in any way from their counterpart. It’s a valid question, especially for those who did not have an extensive academic involvement throughout their lives. Most importantly, it’s essential to establish whether interviewers regard these certificates as offering the same level of qualification to their graduates or not, as it will determine the level of preparation, expertise and knowledge an applicant has.

What online education stands for

Online University degrees are an adaptation of 21st century colleges for the present higher education demands. Initially, only long distance programs were converted to online University degree programs, but as time passed by and the success of these endeavors was consistently proven, the offer was expanded. Nowadays, you can follow an online University degree in the same way you would attend courses full-time or even apply for an accelerated degree, depending on the institution.

In the hectic rhythm of today’s world, it’s very difficult to rise up to the standards that are enforced by employers in the job offer market. A full-time graduate cannot simply incorporate on his CV an excellent degree, practical job experience and other projects that testify his character and skills in various domains. These areas of a resume take a lot of time to build and improve, making the task of comprising a CV in itself a process that requires serious time and effort investments. With an online University degree, you’re offered a fair chance to rise up to the competition on the job offer market – finish your studies in half of the time a full-time graduate does and gather working experience in as many environments as you can.

Preparing for a tough job application interview

While there’s an outstanding majority of recruiters that see online University degrees in the same way they see full-time certificates, some of them might still try to get under your skin by asking why you made this choice or alluding to the common prejudice that it’s not a real form of education. For this reason it’s best to prepare yourself beforehand and have all the answers you need already figured out, so that nothing can take you by surprise and cause emotions or lack of confidence to come in between you and your future job. Recognition and accreditation are your most important arguments. Higher education institutions are demanded to have their online University degree programs evaluated in the same manner full-time degrees are, as well as according to the same standard. Consequently, your certificate is a testament to a level of education that is no different from any other kind. Furthermore, you can also point out to the fact that while a regular graduate did not do much beyond attend courses and take their exams, you were busy managing various work engagements and maybe even caring for your family.

Why online University degrees are better than traditional ones

From a tough situation, you can turn things to your advantage, as you’ve handled more cumulative stress in your academic experience than any fresh graduate from a traditional college degree program. More flexible, cheaper to pay for and more efficient, online University degrees are the best choice for a higher education experience in the 21st century. Without having to leave the comfort of your home and using electronic devices such as a P.C., laptop, tablet or even smartphone, you can get a degree in no time!


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