Social Work

Purchase a degree online for the best paying industries

What is Social Work?

It is a discipline which involves interaction between people and social institutions to promote effective human operation.

Employment opportunities in:

Community Development

Crisis Intervention Programs

Government Social Projects

Health and Allied fields

Livelihood Training

National Government Offices

Outreach Programs

Public service

Research and Education

Social Rehabilitation Units

Seeing as the competition on the employment market is more and more fierce as years go by and globalization extends all over the world, you should definitely opt for a flexible degree when it comes to your education. It would be a pity to get stuck in a dead-end, slow-going trade, when you could work your way to the top of a thriving, in-demand industry. Here are a few degrees that you can purchase and earn instantly and that will allow for a wide range of job opportunities and give you a head start in a brilliant career.

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Purchase a degree online for the best paying industries

When young learners take their time to decide what degree they should opt for, it doesn’t always cross their minds that they will have to work in an associate domain in order to support themselves. Making money is one thing, but if you end up in a position where you’re not really comfortable, then going to work can become an everyday stress. Not only that your performance can be affected by this, but also your job satisfaction and overall happiness, as you could very well be doing something you enjoy, which doesn’t necessarily mean you will never have enough to make rent. However, if you’re interested to purchase a degree online for the best paying industries, here are some options:

Petroleum Engineering

With a degree in either Chemical or Petroleum Engineering, you can very easily enter an industry that’s projected to bring in billions of dollars before oil reserves are depleted. Every important aspect of our lives requires a machinery or device that runs on an oil by-product. Scientists have indeed predicted that this natural resource is running low and about to disappear, but the only effect this information did have was to raise oil prices and the salaries of people working in this business. Starting off in the 6 figure range, at $100,000 per year isn’t bad, is it?

Actuarial Mathematics

From client information to probability calculus, efficiency lists and financial outputs, today’s world has to be put down in numbers. Not taking this precaution can easily lead to what happened in 2007-8 with the real-estate economic crisis in the U.S., therefore these specialists enjoy mid-career earnings of about $120,000 per year.

Nuclear Engineering

A degree in Nuclear Engineering puts your career on the fast-track, as these technicians have a starting point of $67,000 per annum. Job satisfaction indicates that work conditions, benefits and career prospects are through the roof and it’s no wonder, since nuclear energy still powers the highest percentage of our world. In addition, there’s no telling what the future may bring, as research in this field and experiments conducted at CERN seem to indicate that Cold Fusion is not such a distant dream.

Chemical Engineering

From cosmetics, to food and beverage and even the oil industry, chemical engineers are required everywhere. Purchasing a degree online in this domain allows you to become a health inspection specialist or a consultant with multinational corporations that sell products in hundreds of countries, keepingproducts in check and making sure the quality standard is abided by. Environmental and health laws are becoming stricter and stricter with each passing year, meaning that as a chemical engineer you’ll be starting off with about $70,000 per annum and have the chance to grow up to $116,000 in your mid-career.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Should you decide to purchase a degree online in Electrical or Computer Engineering, you’ll definitely hit the jackpot in the first year of employment. Not far behind Nuclear Engineering in terms of earnings, these jobs cash in a bit over $65,000 per year to begin with. Enjoying your work is a great plus, especially if you know your way around computers.

Computer Science

Even though it’s the last on our list, specialists in this domain are probably the most demanded around the world. With the chance to reach at least $113,000 per year after you’ve gained 4 or 5 years’ worth of tenure, there’s no telling where your career might give you the chance to end up. It’s more than worth it to purchase a degree online for any of these industries, making sure not only that you’ll have a job, but also that your financial needs will be taken care of.


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