Business and Marketing

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What is Business and Marketing?

It is a discipline that deals with sales operations and management of products and services in organizations, commercial businesses, institutions, government, and individual aspects.

Employment Opportunities in:


Advertising and Public Relations

Commercial Banking


Financial Planning

Market Research

Operations Management

Private Equity

Real Estate


Available Majors:

Seeing as the competition on the employment market is more and more fierce as years go by and globalization extends all over the world, you should definitely opt for a flexible degree when it comes to your education. It would be a pity to get stuck in a dead-end, slow-going trade, when you could work your way to the top of a thriving, in-demand industry. Here are a few degrees that you can purchase and earn instantly and that will allow for a wide range of job opportunities and give you a head start in a brilliant career.

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Earn a Bachelor degree online fast and cheap

If you’ve ever considered going to college, then you may already be familiar with the aspects involved in attending courses full-time, from financial costs, to additional taxes, courses that can last from morning to evening, endless tasks and, last but not least, stressful exams.Putting this perspective against the present world, earning a degree the traditional way is simply not worth it. This is one of the major reasons why earning a bachelor degree online has become one of the fastest growing academic trends. This tendency doesn’t only manifest in a handful of countries or regions, but rather at a global level, as more and more individuals are in need of a bachelor degree online, fast and cheap.

Earning a Bachelor degree the traditional way

Traditional education involves a lot more than what you’re presented in images or movies about college degrees. In fact, it’s more than a few years of your life that you must dedicate to this achievement if you want to do it right. It all starts with your high-school courses, which, in your senior year, must be chosen according to your desired college degree, as some Universities have this as a prerequisite for candidates. Secondly, you must take an SAT, ACT or Bacalaureat test, which involves some of the areas that you’ve studies in your high-school. The purpose of this test is to adequately evaluate future candidates for Universities. You can think of it as a form of admission. Afterwards, you have to apply for a University degree program, which involves coming up with a letter of application, as well as meeting other demands the program might have. After a long and straining preparation, you’re ready to undergo 4 or 3 (for European Universities) years of full-time courses. It’s not nearly over, as these seem to be the most challenging. Indeed, the average graduation time goes over 4 years by at least 6 months, showing that most students cannot take all their exams in the first go.

Online education – the gateway to academia in the 21st century

These conditions are very trying if not impossible to cope with in the life rhythm of an average working individual of today. Maintaining a job to pay for living costs and settle a family while pursuing higher education is unachievable, especially with a full-time employment position. Because the Internet offered the possibility for higher education to evolve towards a new dimension, colleges and Universities around the world have started to offer the possibility of pursuing a degree online. From the comfort of your home, using a laptop, P.C., Mac, tablet or even smartphone, you can attend courses, go through material provided by your teachers and learn everything you need to graduate from a college degree program. Taking far less time to complete, 2 or 1 year, online education is also more affordable, especially for those that are used to Western academic environments.

Other alternatives

Probably the best alternative to online and regular college degree programs is to purchase your diploma. People are thus offered the chance to earn a bachelor degree online fast and cheap, without having to wait years of their lives and make job compromises. As an example, a BA degree can cost you along the lines of $170 dollars, to which you should add another $100 for grade records and maybe $250 for letters of recommendation. With less than $600 dollars you can earn a bachelor degree online fast and cheap and have it delivered to you in a matter of weeks. Maintaining a competitive resume was close to impossible to an average working individual before this service was available, but now, everything is possible.


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