Here’s everything you wanted to know about buying a college degree

Degree Overview
March 10, 2018

 to know about buying a college degreeWhether you’re working part-time or planning to apply for jobs anytime soon, it is very evident that you’re already aware of the importance of a college degree. Not only will this help you to make the most out of your career, but it’ll also be equally beneficial in establishing a good reputation in the society. An academic certification will help you to earn more respect and keep you an edge ahead of your colleagues. But at this day and this age, getting a degree from a full-time course can be pretty challenging. It takes up a huge chunk of your time, and the high tuition fee, makes things all the more difficult. According to a research, in the year 2015, the graduates from U.S universities went on to become the most indebted generation ever. This was primarily because of the high tuition fee of around $35000 a year which is around twice the amount of tuition fees required twenty years back.

So how does one tackle this situation? How to get a well-salaried job without compromising on your time and money? Well, this is exactly where an online college degree comes to play. Yes! These online degrees help you to reach new heights in your career, without having you to leave your part time or full time job. This is one of the fastest, easiest and simplest ways to make more money and establish a great reputation in the society.

But are these degrees safe? Is your name going to be recorded in the respective university’s register from where the degree is coming from in the first place? Yes! The degree will be verified by a government accredited university, and although you’re purchasing it online, no one will ever find that out. This will save your time from attending the long, tedious lectures and unlike many others, you’ll no longer have the need of completing those complex and challenging assignments. This degree will help you to maintain a perfect balance in your personal and professional life at a very nominal charge.

How to get an online degree?

How to get an online degree?Now that you’re fully aware of the benefits of this online academic certification, you might be wondering how exactly to get one. Well, with our company by your side, you needn’t be bothered anymore! Yes, is one of the leading platforms for getting an online degree. Here, we help you to get a college degree from a government accredited college in as less as four days!

You won’t have to attend classes, complete assignments or even appear for those difficult admission tests. With the easy and simple assistance of our team, you can earn a degree in your preferred domain from whatever you already know! So whether you’re looking earn a bachelor’s, associate, masters or even a PhD degree, you can now get one, without having to read a single book. Currently, we offer online degrees in arts and humanities, education, fine arts, law, music, science, social science, social work, business and marketing, metaphysics and casino management. Each of these certifications are completely checked and verified by the universities they’re coming from. All you need to do is get in touch with us to get your required academic certification.

In case you’re completely clueless about starting out- here’s a step by step guideline that’ll definitely assist you throughout the process.

First things first, visit our website . Once you enter the site, browse through the different sections and the types of degrees we currently offer. Explore your options, and pick your preferred course.

Order your degree- After you’ve chosen your preferred degree, click on the order now’ option. After this, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you’ll be asked to enter your name, email address, contact details and information about your chosen course. Follow the instructions to complete the required steps.

Set up the payment- Right after you add the primary set of information, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you’ll be asked to set up the payment. Enter your debit/credit card details or any other mode of payment. Once you do this and click on the submit’ option, you’re all set to get your very first college/university certification! Our company takes only four days to process and send your degree.

Shipping methods- After your payment is processed; we ship your degree almost immediately. It takes us two days (minimum) to get the degrees shipped. Our company ships these certifications anywhere across the globe. Once we receive a copy of the degree from the government accredited universities, we immediately send the package to your mentioned address. We usually ship via UPS, FedEx and Speed Post (that takes around two to five days to reach you).

Payment- When you order an online certification from our website, we only require you to send in one fee. We have no hidden charges and unlike other companies, nor do we ask for additional fees after the degree has been shipped. Like I already mentioned, you can either pay through debit or credit card. The information about your bank details (or your identity) will be completely confidential. At Universitydegree, we currently operate in UK, USA and Switzerland. Although we have our offices in the mentioned countries, we can ship your academic certifications to virtually any possible location across the globe.

Will I get supporting documents along with my online degree?

Yes! If you choose to buy your university certification from Universitydegree, you will get many other supporting documents other than the certification itself. Here’s a quick scoop on the additional documents that you’re going to get-

  • Academic transcripts that have a record, of the courses you’ve taken; the grades you’ve received, and your final grade. These transcripts are printed on the official letterhead of the university with a legitimate monogram and security watermark.

  • Your student record (that holds your personal information, date of your graduation and citizenship) is signed by the principal of the university, to further maintain its authenticity.

  • A graduation letter, inviting you to be a part of the graduation day program is enclosed with your certification. Like every other supporting documents, this document too, is signed by the principal.

  • A formal, official acceptance letter that indicates that you had been accepted for a particular course at the university. It also shows the date of acceptance and the major/master that you had pursued.

  • A reference letter from the professor indicating your performance throughout the duration of your course. You can get either one or more reference letters when you choose to buy the certification from our company.

  • An appreciation letter written by a professor highlighting your role in the community service, research and overall assistance to the university.

At, we specifically ensure that your online certifications seem completely authentic to your prospective employer. Our degrees are legal, safe and accredited by government institutions. So when you do choose to buy a degree from us, no one is going to find out that you hadn’t really been a part of the course. Unlike fake diploma mills, we do not generate fake degrees that can jeopardize your career. We always focus on coming up with authentic and legal certifications that help you to make the most out of your career.

Why should I buy an online degree?

Right now, we live in an age of constant competition where everybody wants to be the best. If you look around you, you’d notice how many of your friends are desperately struggling with their part-time jobs and assignments to manage a good degree that’d help them succeed in their career. But with the exorbitant rates of tuition fees and the huge amount of time required to complete your courses, you often end up in a mess if you do intend to be the part of a full-time course. But then again, you cannot really compromise on this course, because you’ll need a proper academic certification when you apply for a job. This is even relevant for the ones who are currently working somewhere full-time or part-time. You won’t really be promoted or get a high-salary, if you don’t have a degree. And guess what? This is exactly where our company can help you out. We help you to get a university certification without having to attend a single class! All you need to do is choose your preferred degree and buy it. Once you do this, you can upgrade yourself and your career like you always wanted to.

Bachelor’s vs Masters Degree

Bachelor’s vs Masters DegreeNow that you’ve finally decided to get your university certification, it’s high time you figure out between Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

No matter wherever you live, a Bachelor’s degree is extremely important for any basic office job. You research about the different domains, check the ones which are in high demand and then opt for your university certification accordingly. This degree will play a vital role in setting a proper foundation for your career.

If you’re already working and are completely stuck up with your low paying job, a Masters degree is everything that you need. This certification will not only help you with promotions, but it’ll also help you land better jobs. Although you need to have a Bachelor’s degree before you get a Masters degree, you can always get both from our company. We will set a proper timeframe and ensure that your certifications are completely legitimate and safe. So although both these certifications can help you end up with decent salaries, we would recommend the Master’s degree for individuals looking to earn more or start out with a high paying job.

How is our company different from other companies?

If you’re looking to get your online certification from a safe, legal and highly reputed company – Universitydegree is definitely the best option. We’ve been providing degrees since the last two decades and during this time; we’ve built a solid base of customers who truly laud us for the services we’ve offered. Our company takes immense pride in stating that we’ve built the careers of thousands of young students who wanted to make something out of their lives. Unlike fake diploma mills, all our degrees are legally administered and completely safe. One should note that no lawyer is going to risk their reputation for fake accreditation. So when we say our degrees are legal, we truly mean it! Our staff comes with several years of professional training and most of them have worked as university administrators and legal advisors in reputed universities. We have collaborated with some of the best teaching faculties in leading government accredited institutions. So you can be completely assured while availing our services. We primarily focus on customer service and particularly ensure that all our customers are thoroughly satisfied with the services we offer. Our experienced staff will guide you through all the required processes of getting your online degree. All you need to do is get in touch with us, for our quick, efficient and highly affordable services.

Avoid Fake degrees and Diploma mills

Yes! There is reason why we particularly stress on avoiding these fake diplomas from diploma mills. If you do choose to get your certification from these random companies, you’ll be at a high risk of losing your job or being booked on criminal offense. No legitimate employer recognizes or accepts a life experience degree or a fake diploma from a diploma mill. Most of them are already blacklisted in leading online forums. So avoid jeopardizing your career by falling into the fake trap of these diploma mills and only purchase legal degrees from government accredited institutions.

On a final note

Considering the huge benefits that these academic accreditations come with, it is definitely a good idea to buy a degree from an accredited college with transcripts. This will not only help you reach new heights in your career but also uplift your societal standing. Your friends, colleagues, loved ones and everyone around you is going to respect you. So why wait when you can make the most out of your career right away? Get in touch with us today to get a certification in your chosen domain!